Hey all, this is my small contribution to the UCB’s 2012 Progressive Game Blog bringing you the top of the 4th inning.

Presently the Mets carry a three run lead as R.A. Dickey circles the mound with Dan Descalso digging in.  Dan McLaughlin is explaining the story in which it was discovered that R.A. Dickey had no ulnar collateral nerve which resulted in a greatly diminished signing bonus.  As Dickey strikes out Descalso on a high 2-2 pitch, I’d like to reminisce about my lasting memory of Dickey dating back to Opening Day here several season ago now.  Dickey was pitching for the Rangers on Opening Day after having his knuckleball highly touted coming into the season.  That knuckleball proved less than everyone expected when he proceeded to surrender 6 home runs to the Detroit Tigers.  And as I recall this story Dan and Al tell the exact same story so I’m sure everyone is aware of this story now…  Thanks, guys.

We watch Matt Holliday feebly reach across the plate at his knees and dribble an 0-1 ball to Wright at third base who makes the close play to first.  Carlos Beltran due up now with two outs and watches a 59 mph first-pitch ball well outside the zone.  Beltran watches a “fast” ball from Dickey barely scrape the outside corner of the plate for a 1-1 count followed quickly by a foul ball out of play.  And for the final pitch of the inning, Beltran pops it up behind home plate as Thole secures it for the out.

This inning is indicative of the absolute absence of Cardinals offense lately.  There is little to be happy with right now as far as the rotation and batting goes.  We can only hope things turn around in Houston and the team can get back on their feet.

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