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Okay Cardinals fans, welcome to Opening Day of the 2012 season… what a glorious day it is.

Let’s get this trivia program started! I will collect answers until game time tonight at 6. Then, I will randomly choose (using an online random decision generator) which will choose the winner among the correct answers. Sound good? You can submit your answer to me on Twitter @rallybirds blog with the hashtag #RallyBirdsGiveaway.

Are we ready? This first question is fairly easy and it will win a lucky individual a copy of the BluRay/DVD combo of Baseball’s Greatest Games featuring Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. (If you google that or search A&E’s online shop you will find exactly how awesome an item you’re getting.)

Here’s our question: Who is the only Major League Baseball Player to have an award named after him while still an active player? Bonus points if you know the year and the award, as well.

Answer away, Cardinals fans!

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